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    Our Values

    Our core values are transparency, integrity and reliability.
    Our internal talent pool brings a wealth of experience to the table.

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    Phoenix VC is a leading venture capital firm focused on blockchain technology and
    the digital currency ecosystem along with market development in the Middle East & Africa.

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    Our Target Market

    We invest in seed, private and public rounds and mostly look for projects that
    are adding real value to the Blockchain Ecosystem.

What Does Phoenix VC Offer

We value teams, business models and game-changing technology developments for value investment

Early Stage Investments

We finance progressive blockchain projects that have genuine value propositions for consumers. Our target entry is private round as co-investors to known lead investors. We aim to maximize profit and minimize risk.

Market Access

Phoenix VC offers efficient complete market access in the Middle East and Africa region. We do this by improving end-user adoption and increasing campaign enrollment for blockchain technology-based businesses.


We have mentoring and advisory expertise to help business owners build a successful line of work. Be it blockchain or distributed ledger technology domain, we got you covered during the prototype and pilot stages.

Social Media And Influencer Reach

With significant social media influence, we radically transform the way companies operate blockchain technology. Our social media and influencer reach isn’t just limited to the Middle East market but expands to Africa, Turkey and India.

Partnerships And Business Growth

We help startups to build ground partnerships with us as well as other influential companies in the Middle East, Africa, Africa, Turkey and India. We help startups that are looking to expand in these regions in terms of team expansion and infrastructure.

Featured Investments

We are committed to offer exceptional experience and full support to our partners.

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